“Be Present”

Breathe. Feel. EnJoy.

Being Present:

Being Present in today’s world, Is many times, easier said than done.  There are Sooooo many distractions.  These distractions – which come by the dozens: Other people (family and all),  Technology and tools, Jobs and Careers, Issues and worries, Duties and Chores, Illness and sickness, Commutes and Travels, Schooling and studies, And More.  These distractions Allow for the Lack in Cultivating and paying Attention to Our Selves (Selfs).

First of all, what does being Present mean?   Being Present means, during most of your waking hours, you are Aware, Up front, Right-Here, Feeling, noticing, participating-in (if chosen), and witnessing most of the occurrences and happenings in your field of living.

Very often, in our City-Societies, being NOT Present is actually acceptable.  NOT hearing, NOT seeing, NOT considering, NOT Feeling, NOT appreciating, NOT sensing, NOT NOT NOT.   Being Not Present is basically Missing Out on the Pleasantness Beauty Adventure Joy and more that Living really offers.

Being Present is a personal Choice.  There are degrees to being Present.  No one is absolutely Not Present; And, No one is 100% Present.  The more Present you are, the more ‘ALL-IN’ you are with Living life.

There is a catch though.  When learning to Embrace the Truth therein Your Self, you must be Present to Feeling Your Self, feeling what is occurring within Your Self, and feeling what is occurring around Your Self.


How do you Raise your levels In Being Present?   BREATHE, BREATHE, and BREATHE.    Breathing amplifies the connection in You to All That Is.  The centering that occurs as a result from Breathing, Allows for Heightened Awareness and the Choice made to Be More Present in All You Do.

Go to the “Breathe, Relax and Breathe” page listed in the Menu:  There is where you will find information on Breathing, and, there is a sample ‘Breathe with Me’ video for you to experience.

The most significant matter to consider, when Choosing to raise your level in Being Present, Is the Choice Itself.  The Choice made must be one that is committed to.  Up and down type commitment does not yield the desired result here.

There must be Constant and Consistent participation in Your Choice made; if not, the deeply engrained habits – lived by for so long – Shall take over and Regain the Reins of dominance therein your daily behaviors and activities.

Being Present is a Wonderful thing, in my opinion.  It Allows for participation in Life’s journey with Heightened Sensations, Stronger Connections, and Magical Experiences.  For the one I am, the Commitment to the Choice I made, was well worth the effort to Commit.  Living the Journey called Life is ever-expanding in Joy and All That Is – Here and Now – In Me.  And I Am Grateful.



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