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Choosing You:

Very often, in our city-societies and elsewhere, we are taught to give give give to and for others.

Sometimes this give give give attitude/practice comes with a price of self-sacrifice  –  that many times leaves an imbalance within our Selves [Selfs].

Many times there is an emphasis on others and that which lies outside and without thy Self.

Living becomes something –  that we accept allow and promote – which is very much about others, expectations, and imposed standards, Rather than about Our True Choices for Our Selves [Selfs].

This page is set up to facilitate bringing forth the sound and applied ability to Choose You.

Choose for You, Choose by You, and Choose about You.

This 'Choosing You' I Am referencing is about BeComing a Better Self for You and All.

When You Truly take care of You, You BeCome even more Complete for the Life You Choose to Live.  Yes.

What about the argument:  "This is Selfish!"

The Truth is there is No Argument.   There Is Only Choice-making.

Everything Is Choice-making.   Even being quiet and not participating is a Choice.

Why not make a Choice that You wholly want to make?

Everything in your life starts with a Choice that You make for your Self.

Be the one You want; Consciously Choose what you want and BeCome the Choice made.  Yes.

We are Beings of Consciousness and we Create with our Consciousness.

What we live, We Create — on high & low.

In order to Create, We Choose.

BeCome Aware of this Choosing and carry Charge (+/-) over what you create — Henceforth.

Remember . . . Creating has no limits – HOWEVER – What we Choose Can create limits, or not, If We Choose.




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