Enjoy Your Self in the face of negativity!

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Enjoying Self . . . In All circumstances:

Enjoying one's own Self is something that often Poses a Challenge, especially in a society that promotes Lack of true joy for thy self.

When working towards and learning ways and methods to improve upon one's Self, many times there is an emphasis on being able to say No – gracefully yet efficiently – to those things and or people who offer unwanted stuffs.

Ok. Fine.

Now.  What about defending thy Self in the presence of a provocateur?  What about defending your Self in the presence of one who has poor intent?

Will graceful answers of No work in these conditions?  Maybe they will.

And will you allow your self to take on frustration and stress, as the probable provocateur intended? OR  Will you find and Be in the space and place of Enjoying You?

What!!  What are you talking about SEGMET?!

Ok, first of all, let's define 'Provocateur'.  The provocateur is the one who is Functioning from their own space of agitation/irritation, and who now holds intention to cause another person agitation/irritation.   In this scenario, the other person to be caused said agitation/irritation is You.

How in the world are you going to Enjoy Your Self under such conditions?

ANSWER:  Rise Up and come from under those said conditions:

–  No one can make you remain Under their conditions.  Only You can give Consent for said conditions to exist.

Only You can say, "Ok, you can keep on doing and saying these less than desirable things to me; go ahead; keep it up."

Even if said only in Your mind, You are the one giving the consent and CoCreating  what is occurring in Your Life.

If You don't like the conditions You find Your Self in, You can Change them.   Create something New.

We are still talking about Choice making, at the Truest levels.

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Enjoying Your Self involves Being At Peace with All of who You Are AND Being At Peace with All of who anyone else Is.  ACCEPTING All of Your Own Specialness, Uniqueness, Beauty, and overall Quality ALLOWS for the State of Being In Joy to Flourish within Your Self.   Additionally,  ACCEPTING All of anyone Else's Specialness, Uniqueness, Beauty, and overall Quality Also ALLOWS for the State of Being In Joy to Flourish within Your Self. 

Funny how that works, Huh?

You see, we actually Never Know what is Truly driving/inspiring another to act out and do what comes forth.  Everybody's journey Is Sacred.  And who are we to Judge and Define what should occur, when we do not have all of the critical information from which to create a Just base.

All we can do – with certainty – is Create peaceful avenues to enjoy Our Own Journeys in Our Own Lives.

Imaginary Scenario:

Antagonist/Provocateur:   You are not the Brightest, Huh?

You:   I Am Bright enough for Me.

Antagonist/Provocateur:   Well Not for me or this job you are doing!

You:   Have you ever heard of that saying by Einstein?  The One that goes something like this:

"Everyone Is A Genius."    "However, if one judges the Genius of a fish on its ability to climb a tree, the fish may be called Stupid." 

You:   Have a Good Day.

The above is just an example of how Enjoying Your Self can look – even in a professional environment.

Furthermore, just because someone shows or demonstrates what is perceived to be Chaotic, Disrespectful, and or Violating Behavior, doesn't mean that same person isn't Also a holder of a Beautiful Heart.

The simple Truth to the matter is that same person may just need a nap; and when they Wake Up, they will Feel much Better.

" We have All been There."




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