Feel and Experience

Feel and Experience:

Today, with all of the hustle,  bustle,  and modern technology of living and working in organized city-societies,  Heightened Mental activity is both called for and rewarded.

Every tool has its use.

The mind’s uses do show limits at the field of Feeling,  Expansion,  and Spirit.

This page is set forth for the facilitation of Living Heart-Centered,  Reconnecting with true Feelings,  and Expanding in Joyful and Life-Enhancing experiences.

Many believe they are feeling when they are actually thinking they’re feeling.

There are little tests one can conduct to see if they are in thought mode, Pure Feeling mode, or a combination of the two.

Pure Feelings are constant,  consistent,  and they do not hurt.  Pure Feelings are Heart-Centered and not temporary because of external circumstances.

Examples of Pure Feelings are Compassion, Joy, Patience, Wonder, Love, Gratitude, and more.

Thought mode is the space wherein the multiplicity of thoughts can be a source of distraction – actually being a diversion to truly feeling.

Many times there is an Absence of consistent Breathing, and actually holding the Breath is present.

Analyzing thinking figuring thinking calculating thinking and more thinking.

There is sometimes the thinking of feeling, thereby bringing forth confusion and belief in feeling, when there is actually only more Thinking.



Examples of Thought-mode are lack of focus, fleeting thoughts, always needing to understand or make sense out of things, remaining in states of Fear and more.

The combination of the two many times equals what is called Emotion.

Yes.  Emotions are a mix of both Feelings and Thoughts.

One can tell that Emotions are combination of both feelings and thoughts when there exists some of the following:
i.    What is felt is temporary.
ii.   What is felt is based on Belief Structure    (thoughts)
iii.  What is felt is based in external circumstances.

Example:     Emotion — Happy

Happy is very temporary and depends on that which exists outside of Self.
Happy leaves when the outside circumstance changes to something Recognized as less pleasant, which may have been taught to you as a source of unhappiness.
Happy is a mix of Joy, the pure feeling, and belief structure which dictates what conditions  should be cause for ‘Happy’  to be expressed.

In order to assist in achieving Conscious Awareness In the Truth of All That Is in Self,  Actual Feeling into Self and All done,  is of high significance.

Breathe and Feel;
Breathe and Feel;
Allow what comes forth; and,
Experience Living In the Real.



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