The Magic

The Magic?!  What Magic?  Where?  When?  How?

The Magic is the Unexpected Gratuity that Life offers as a Thank You for Your full-out participation from a Feeling place – from Within Your Self.  The result of the spontaneous action to Jump In with two feet – No Holding Back;  100% In and loving every minute of it – by Your Own Choice.

This Magic is called by many names:  ‘the zone’,  ‘being connected’,  ‘feeling like we’re One’,  ‘unforeseen wonder’,  ‘realizing there’s more’,  ‘apart of something Greater than Self’,  ‘life is more colorful’,  ‘my whole body speaks’,  ‘I listen with All of Me’, . . . and more.

When the Magic shows up, all kinds of wonderful things may show up as well:  Synchronicity, Joy in All moments, Harmony, Nature Speaks and Listens, Beautiful Calm, Ease and Grace, True Peace, and much more.



The Magic is always present around and available for You to share in.  There is nothing you must do – other than participate in the ride called life.

You are doing that anyway.

Just Be Aware in Your Own Choice making for Your Own Life, and you will begin to notice and be aware of The Magic in Your Own Life.  Now it Is Your Turn.  Go for IT!




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