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The Choice I made to Be All that I Am – Here and Now – Is the Most Rewarding Fulfilling and Joyous Choice I have Ever made.  It is Now one of my Greatest Wishes, for All people to know and Live a Journey In Fulfilment, Joy, and Abundance by their Own Choice.

“Let Us All Be Bright Lights and SHINE ACROSS THE EARTH!”

All Ways In Joy and Loving Service,  


Contact via email at:




Available for: 

Individual Sessions,

Group Sessions,

Corporate Consultation,

Topic-Based Stage Presentations – Public/Private for:  

       Small event (50-200 ppl)

       Med event (250-1800 ppl) 

       Lrg event (1800-5200 ppl)

       Big Ven event(10,000+ppl)

Interviews:  Radio & Podcasts, TV & Webcasts,




**Breath-Overs [Divine-Current Infused]

Make Contact for Information re Hiring SEGMET® for your next Project or Event:

Email:  Segmet.net7@gmail.com

Phone:  877-261-3596

**very special with enchanting Divine essence




Achieve Just For You And Your Life Journey.”   “Be at Peace, Live In Passion, Have Plenty of Fun, and Be Abundantly Prosperous.”

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  • Kimberly Hruby July 5, 2019 at 7:35 PM

    Hi Segmet, I had a session with you a few months ago and have been participated in the two DIVINE SHIFT calls you have facilitated. I would like to schedule a private session with you and am not sure how to do that. It says the site is under construction. I was attacked by a dog while out walking my dog and have been having some PTSD symptoms since and would like some help with this so I can feel safe walking my dog again. Also have a few other things I’d like to talk with you about. Thanks!


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