Beat Frustration – Score A Win!

Sometimes there’s no getting around it : “Frustration can be quite the Whipping Stick!”

“When will this CHANGE?!”

GREETINGS Beautiful Soul in a Physical Body:

At this time in our existence, it’s very important to embrace the evidenced-truth being that We Are Light Beings (Souls) Inhabiting a Physical Body (Human). It is so easy to get caught up in the notion that we are the physical body – And that’s all. With that said, let’s always remember we live in these bodies, yet, We Are More than these bodies.

Why Is FRUSTRATION seemingly so Gripping In It’s Hold?

Now just as we are more than our physical bodies, we are more than what our minds understand our daily life journey to be. And Yes – It All seems so Real and True! Indeed. This does not change the fact that ‘Perception Is Key‘. The way our Mind perceives – events, circumstances, attitudes, time, actions, needs, and more – is what we are actually responding to in our emotional states.

There’s a reason why people say hindsight is 20/20.

Have you ever been so frustrated and worried about a certain situation in your life that was Not working out fast enough?

Frustrated, Impatient, and Worried Sick: All just to find out Everything worked out just fine – AND – the delay in working everything out brought about results better than what you could have planned in the first place.

Uh Huh. We have all been there!

So why do we allow ourselves to become saturated in Frustration Again and Again?

Let’s really deal with it. Let’s see what’s going on.

First and Foremost: Expectations and Judgments

Many times our Frustration levels are initiated, enhanced, and sustained by unfulfilled expectations and presupposed judgments. This is familiar to us all. You know . . . “Things should look like That”, “As a Lady, she should act like such & such.”, “As a Man, he should sound like this & that.”, “At a certain age my achievements should look like this.”, “This injury should heal by such & such of time.”, “The marriage will last, if all these things are done.”, “The children will surely grow up to be prosperous in life, if these things are done.”, and on and on and on.

Ok, Let’s Realize when it’s on Us.

Divine Design for All living is always going to lead to what is Simple. And simply put, the easiest way to remedy frustration is to go to Self first.

In the midst of some of the most Gripping Frustration, can we search and find where we are holding Expectations regarding outcomes, that are not manifesting in the way we thought they would? Can we?

When Frustration is running a muck, can we see the set Judgments we are holding onto, that are not being fulfilled? Can we?

If the Answer Is YES

Let’s see at how we can BEAT Frustration and Score a WIN!

Once we feel that sensation called frustration rising up in us, let’s stop and search within: “What Am I really Irritated and Frustrated about?” Then, honestly find our answer. Then, Shift our perception from frustration to peace (and maybe some gratitude and creativity too).

Looks a little something like this:

EXAMPLE Circumstance:

A wonderful person goes in to work, on the job they have been at for over 15yrs. All is well and it seems like it’s going to be a fabulous day. Said wonderful person is very pleased with self and is singing a song in their mind – “HAPPY.”

Right at that moment, In walks the CEO with some unknown executives. A quick and seemingly cold-hearted announcement is made. OMG! The whole department is being eliminated, and all employees shall be let go – and not repurposed! Said wonderful person is now given 2 weeks notice stating they no longer have a job. WHAT?!

Said wonderful person is Livid and Frustrated! “How dare they?! 15+ years have been given to that company. How can they just throw a whole department of employees away?!”

Said wonderful person says to self quietly in the mind: Wait! Let me search and find what I Am truly Frustrated about. I just don’t see how I can find this in my self. They Did This! Wait a minute – Let me give this an honest shot. Any Expectations or Judgments that I’m holding, and is causing this Jacked-up frustration, reveal to me – Now. What Am I doing to myself? OH WAIT . . . just a minute! I Am holding the Expectation that ‘As long as I Am a GOOD employee I will keep my job.’ Hmm.

Said wonderful person goes on to say quietly in the mind: OK, this frustration is all me. Actually, I now have an opportunity to do what I want to do to generate income for me – whether a new job or an entrepreneurial venture, I Got This! Oh Yes! I just Scored A WIN!!

EnJoy You Sweet One 🙂

By SEGMET® and Written In Joy

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