SEGMET’s Bio (Short)

SEGMET®: A Master in Bringing-forth ‘Feeling Better’ And ‘Healing’ in Life Journeys for the People; She is one of the most respected and renowned Teachers on the Planet.   She Is an Extraordinary and Unique Talent who lives a Magical, Synchronistic Life on a daily basis.  Frequent Ventures and Travels into the many Densities of Light are an Established Part of that Daily Magic.  SEGMET® has cultivated her Self, her actual body, into an Energetic Divine Field (A Divine Gateway) for Activating Divine-Current in Others, If They Want To. Conscious Choosing and resetting Real Connection with True Self are strongly emphasized in her teachings, tools, and practices. The ‘Sovereign Divine Right‘, that each and every person inherently holds, Is the Flow SEGMET® anchors Divine-Current into. For those who Choose, SEGMET® practically facilitates Divine-Current expansion for Daily living AND for Amplified Spiritual Realization of All That One Is. Many times, this result yields Radiating Suns (people who are Brightly Shining from their Divine-Current Light). Miracles and Wonders are Consistently and Constantly reported by those who interface with her.

SEGMET’s Vibration is Powerful, Penetrating, and Saturating; she often knocks out electrical devices, computers, phone lines, and communication systems. Being a True Conduit and Harness for such Current and strong gifts, She knows that NOW IS THE TIME to come forth to the Masses of Humanity – It Is Now that Mass Consciousness and the Earth have risen to the level where such Expansive Vibrations are being called for.   SEGMET® set forth a Mission to assist All who Want True Healing And The Gift she holds to ignite ‘All That Is’ held within Thy Self.

SEGMET® was born aware and She stayed Aware.  She remembers being in the womb, being born, and the presence of many Angels filling the room.  Even in the daily interaction with Angels, SEGMET’s life has taken some dramatic turns.  She suffered from Chronic Asthma as a baby.  Her father passed away when she was only 7 years old.  As a result of the emotional pain left from the passing of her father, SEGMET® allowed herself to develop Asthma so severe, that she herself crossed over several times.  Because of such severe and chronic asthma, the many trips to the Expansive Densities of Light, Multi-Dimensional Realms, and constant presence in Angelic interface, SEGMET® learned and soon Mastered the Powers In Breathing.  Through her own Masterful Breathing, she was able to Release her Asthma condition.  Today, SEGMET® is a Master Magical Breather!

SEGMET® is the ONLY One on the Planet, who can do what she does! When you Breathe with SEGMET®, She uses her own Ever-Expansive Electromagnetic Field (Divine Gateway) to be the Switch for your Light, bringing Divine-Current directly into your field and enabling Divine Shifts to Magically happen for YOU!

SEGMET® Is Here!   Now Is Her Time!  And Now Is Your Time TOO! Divine-Current – Divine flow – Divine Shift®.


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Thank You and Blessings,

from SEGMET®