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The True Feelings from Some – just like You – who have Benefited from the Tools, Teachings, and Facilitation found Here In the Wonders of Segmet.net:


“Segmet has completely tranformed my life.   I wouldn’t be surprised if  “Amazing Grace” was written and composed in praise of her.   I now see The Light in me.   The last place I ever thought I’d find it!!   I will be grateful to Wondrous Segmet for all eternity.”

By Anne M.  –  Pacific Palisades, CA


My name is David Hayward and I’ve have been a certified, licensed, Massage Therapist with a large clientele for 30 years. My specialty has been Deep Tissue and Shiatsu work.        I have worked with sports chiropracters as well as world class Olympic Track and Field athletes including the Santa Monica Track Club.
Very few practitioners of deeper tissue bodywork last in the profession as long as I have, and as a matter of fact I’ve very recently retired at the age of 74.
I attribute my duration in the field for the last 7 to 8 years to the extraordinary healing gifts of Segmet.  Most of my therapy sessions with my own clients ran an average of 1/12 hours. Over time I have accumulated chronic in over-use injuries including badly torn rotator cuffs on both shoulders.
I have been amazed time and again how Segmet has put me back together after a week of grueling physical, emotional, and spiritual giving to my clients.
I know of physical, psychological, and spiritual healing, and have been the recipient of a blessed transformation starting 41 years ago.  I have met many healers using various techniques but no one has put it all together in such a joyous, loving, manner as Segmet, and no one gets the extra ordinary results that she does.
When one encounters this quality of unique healing gifts combined with a solid schooling in the physiology, chemistry, and function of the human body coupled with spiritual maturity that is very deep and very wise in terms of the soul’s journey,  there simply are no words that do it justice.
To top it all off, she has a fabulous sense of humor which is one of the greatest of healing agents all by itself.
Segmet is a jewel–truly one of a kind–I can honestly say that I have never met anyone remotely similar her. A true gift of God.

-David Hayward  M.T., C.A.P.
Pacific Palisades, CA                    


” Segmet has made my life better physically and emotionally.
I have worked with her for over 10 years. I used to have lots of aches and pains all the time and was emotionally fragile as well.
Now I’m in a wonderful relationship (we just had our first child), am a top executive in a company that I’m proud to be a part of  and train karate 4 times a week.
Segmet has been a huge part of my life moving in a very good direction.”

-Lisette, Studio City


Segmet is one of a kind.
She is like no other.
She is my healer and my whole life has changed since knowing her.
I am healthier for the work we do together.

-Michelle, Los Angeles CA


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for asking my question today during the wonderful call with Segmet,

I hope you can forward this message to Segmet also. I am so grateful. I was out during the call but I knew that you had asked my question… how? because I felt so good! I just felt that something had lifted.  And thank you for asking the audience to send us their love – I know that they did!

Ron has been up and about and has even been eating.

You may remember from a previous question I sent in to another guest speaker – I had a ‘nervous breakdown’ (or healing crisis as I know it now) in 2013. Ron was my partner’s last ditch attempt at helping me to pull through. Of course it worked and he helped me to walk, talk and feel again (because I had something to focus on and take care of). I think this is why I hold such an attachment to him.

But for the greatest good of us both, I release my fear of losing him now.

With so many thanks again from the both of us,

Much love,

Anna & Ron (the guinea pig)



“Breathing with SEGMET is such a blessing. Each time I breathe with her, I feel much more present and grounded. The New Beginnings program is a wonderful experience. The practice truly let me experience more Joy and flow of energy through my daily life and things started to unfold with more ease and in a joyful way. Thank you SEGMET for sharing your Divine Gifts!”

-Moncef Afkir, Morocco


“I used to be one who battled with suicidal thoughts for more than half of my life. Within months of weekly sessions with Segmet, these thoughts simply disappeared. In fact, I found my true purpose with Segmet’s loving, non-judgmental , healing and honest support. I cannot describe her gift. It simply needs to be experienced.”
 -Cynthia, Hollywood CA
In 2008 a friend of mine told me she had a session with Segmet and she highly recommended Segmet to me.  I knew immediately I had to make an appointment with Segmet.  I knew I needed help and I had a feeling she could help me.
When I met Segmet I was miserable, I blamed everybody and everything for what I didn’t like about my life and I took credit for the few things I did like in my life.  I was afraid of everything and everybody.  I didn’t like myself.  I behaved like a crazy person.  I can reflect back now on who I was and how I behaved and I do not understand how my family could live with me.
I Am who I Am today because of Segmet.  I Am very Grateful to Her because she helped me to work through my issues and is the only person who has held me accountable for my actions and my behavior.  I have chosen to accept responsibility and accountability for my behavior and actions and that is how I am healing.
-Anna, Burbank, CA
When I hear you speak, I KNOW YOU ARE the real being, the real deal no channeling props, just real and raw.
Your voice, is a flowing cleansing river, fresh, motivating, soothing walk in the forest in joy and laughter. A reminder of the celestial splendor mastery, we are here on mother earth to realize again, In which you exemplify so well in action, with such simplicity in truth. Keep the wonderful heart felt service you render here to the people. I AM glad you are back on the world seen and beyond, Ancient Solar one! So I let it be said and acknowledged that the Real is here! I AM “sold”.
Thank You for coming forth in this day.. Welcome again Segmet.
Pablo – from (:Home:) page for www.segmet.net


  • Michelle December 3, 2018 at 2:33 PM

    Segmet is one of a kind.
    She is like no other.
    She is my healer and my whole life has changed since knowing her.
    I am healthier for the work we do together.
    Los Angeles

  • Silke October 11, 2016 at 3:39 PM

    I can highly recommend working with Segmet. I have found the private session and group events to be powerfully transformative. Segmet helps us to embody more of the love, power and joy that we are while facilitating wellbeing in all areas. 

    ~ Silke



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