“Too Big for Me! I Give Up. – #NOT”

“Sweetness! Choose & Allow Pure-Consciousness.  Let’s Connect, ReMember, and Create In Joy.”

“No Matter What Comes! . . . If The Sun Shows Up, So Shall I.™”

Do You Want to Feel Better? Welcome to Segmet.net. And I guess Yess!

Today, I Am addressing that inner ‘Human’ sensation we all get caught in from time to time: “This Is Too Big for Me!! I Give Up!”  This being a pandemic, financial crisis, a lost job, Danger of harm to self or loved-ones, extreme confusion, gripping fear, debilitating depression, supreme physical pain/illness, homelessness, natural-disaster effects, remaining without love, impact from lies & betrayal, extreme abuse, The Sense of not being enough, not having enough, not knowing enough, AND, a combination therein.

All of the aforesaid is valid when we are perceiving from our Human self. What if there is More to Us than our Human self? What if there are More options available to Us than what we can perceive mentally? What if Our Own Divine Design offers More than we have been taught, have understood, and have experienced? What if there Is More? Unequivocally, I have Experienced the Answer being Yes; and, I have a feeling You have a deep Feeling & Knowing there Is More too.

Allow from our Consciousness and the Answers come to Us, Easier and with Grace.

A Caterpillar understands what a Caterpillar does, Not what a Butterfly does; YET, they are the Same Being Integrated & Transformed“© . . . by SEGMET®

“Caterpillar with a Dream”
“Caterpillar’s Dream Fulfilled!”

Now let’s look at the Human Self.

The Human that we all are is only One Part of Our Beautiful Existence. The complete Essence and Whole of our Being Is CONSCIOUSNESS. When we can Allow Our Self to operate from and integrate with Pure Consciousness, we Allow All That We Are – Our True Self – to Come Forth, Create, Manifest, and Receive what’s created. With that said, there is Wisdom In the Design. Divine Wisdom in a Divine Design. A Divine Design we Can and Do Access. The big mystery, that surrounds such a Simple process, is caused by a lack of Awareness. A lack of Awareness in knowing We Exist in Consciousness – Pure Consciousness and Mass Consciousness.

Everything is consciousness. Without consciousness, Existence ceases. [Existence is one of those topics that can be discussed all night long, with really good coffee in facilitation for the many hours awake.]

Sometimes our human emotions feel as though they out-measure and overwhelm our very being. And they Do, for as long as we allow ourselves to operate from the limited belief structures We Have Accepted to Be True. The human mind is famous for this type of illusion.

What Happens if We Trust and Allow from More – Our True Self – that which is outside of and beyond the human? What happens then?

Once We Trust and Allow, Are we able to sense and perceive All circumstances differently? Do our Senses go beyond the Fantastic Five? Is it Easier to Release blocks, fears, illness and unwanted aspects? Is it possible to actually Integrate the True Self into our physical Existence? Will Abundance expand, greatly flow, and highly serve Us? Is it Easier to feel Supported in Creating & Receiving the Life Journey We Consciously Choose for our Selves? Can anybody do this, if they Choose to?

YES to All of the above questions!

[“Ok, SEGMET. This sounds like something I resonate and align with. How do I Allow? How Do I Connect to my True Self? How do I Consciously Choose? How Do I Create and know it’s Done? How Do I even Trust?”]

Your Conscious Breathing, Conscious Choosing, and Divine-Current™ flows Are the Important KEYS facilitating Your very own Divine Shift®.

Joy in Life, Abundance in Love, & Peace Within Are Yours – for Choosing.

[“Seriously SEGMET, “Where do I Start?”]


Activate: Learn to Expand Your own Divine-Current™ through Breath, making your body a pure Conduit for Divine Flow!

Experience: A Simple and Easy Interactive Course – wherein Skill, Trust in your True Self, and Conscious Choices are secured and maintained.

“As the Sun Shines each day, So Shall I.™”

“Catch SEGMET Live and On the Air.”

I invite You to join me with Darius on his show – LIVE! Come Hear, Participate, and Experience. Darius and I are sure to talk it up on these most important ‘Divine-Current™’ subjects – Offering Support for living real Life, on a daily basis – and MORE.

And Yes! I promise to bring a Lovely Experience In Divine-Current™ flow via Conscious Breathing – Live and on the Air.  You Wealth Revolution World Summit: September 24, 2020, on Thursday, @ 1pm (PT) / 4pm (ET) “Let’s Talk.”

Make Sure You Are Hydrated. I’ll Meet You There 🙂

I send You a Big Energetic Hugg!
Always Remember:
“As The Sun Rises, So Shall You™”

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