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The DIVINE SHIFT® . . . presented by SEGMET®

Sunday, July 21st, 2019 @ 12:00pm (PT) 

Hey There Sweet Ones!
The DIVINE SHIFT is Here. Expand & Shift. Just Drink Your Water FIRST

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🙂 Huggs from SEGMET.

Master of Simple Success Remedies,

Divine-Current / Pure-Consciousness Expansion,

And, Magical Solutions (“The Divine Shift”®)

“Feeling Better Is Made Yours By Choosing for Your Self and By Using Your Own Divine-Current and Conscious Breath.”


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GREETINGS:   Welcome to a facilitating Experience, specially built for You, Your Self, and Your Life Journey. Now Is the time for Embracing All that You are, Allowing your Chosen Creations to come forth, and Bringing Joy into the Traveling Path. The Design here enables Learning and Application along side Fun and Joy.   Participation is Key; Be Clear: It is the Participation within and about Your Self that brings forth the Golden Experiences within and about You and Your Journey. Ease and Grace form the pathway to All wishes Fulfilled, when we consciously Choose for our Selves, Breathe, Feel the feelings that come up, Allow the support to our Choice, Breathe some more, and Experience the Fulfilment – free from controlling the How’s Why’s and What-fors.



_______________________________________________TOOLS FOR FEELING BETTER! 

FEEL-BETTER-FASTER: “A Three (3) Week Transformation Journey” SEGMET Banner FeelBetter 2

The FEEL-BETTER-FASTER Connection is an International and Celestial Connection In the Masterful “I Am That I Am”, Your Very Own Divine-Current Expansion, and All That Is – where Wonderful People Privately Gather, Receive, and Exchange, with a Self-Purpose and Choice for FEELING BETTER, Being More, and Living Happier – FASTER! ______________________________________________  A Private Session:                                                IMG_1972

“Just for You!”  A Private Session:  I Treasure The Loving Special Being That You Are.   The same Divinity That makes sure the Sun Rises and Sets Also Divinely Designed YOU!    Dear One, ‘It is my Mission to help You Realize, together with Your Choosing, the True Grandeur, Peace, and Joy of actually Living according to the Chosen Wishes YOU Make for YourSelf – Knowing You Are a Conduit For Pure Divine Flow – FULFILLED’TM.    The Private Session has been Designed to facilitate Fulfilling Whatever You Wish to Bring Forth AND help Release That which No Longer Serves You.   Our environment is Safe, Nurturing, and Free from Judgement.  Let’s Get to what You Truly Want Fulfilled, Just for YOU.    _______________________________________________The Divine Express:             Divine Express pic “ALL ABOARD!”  The Divine Express   Get Your Pass for A Super-Affordable Celestial Journey – wherein Powerful Divine Shifts occur AND Your Divine-Current Amplifies and Expands In the Present Collective and International Body –  All Experienced  through the Majestic Divine Wonder of Breathing.   YES!  This is an Opportunity to Breathe together with The Master of Breathing Divine Current.  (All Journeys (Audio Mp3s) are usually 25min or less.)  Let’s Learn, Breathe and Do a DIVINE SHIFT®!     This Is The Divine Express Journey for You!  Exciting and Phenomenal are understatements for what this Celestial Journey brings-forth for the Loving People throughout Our Wonderful Planet!    “ALL ABOARD!”   ____________________________________________ NEW BEGINNINGS” & more (c):”  New Beginnings shows A Program and InterActive Course  “NEW BEGINNINGS” & more (c)  WhereIn the Tried and Tested Information, Techniques, and More, for Finding and Using Your True Authority, Your Divine-Current,  and Your Inherent Divine Power for You and Your Own Life – securing efficient and sure Manifestation for Your Heart’s Choosing – Becomes POSSIBLE – Now and Forever!   This Course Is Truly the Gift That Keeps Giving.   ____________________________________________

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My New Book:

FEEL BETTER NOW!”                                                             

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search ‘FEEL BETTER NOW  By SEGMET’  [Hard copy soon to come!]               _____________________________

Listen In . . . from SEGMET®     “HERE’S WHAT’s UP!!!”  SEGMET on “Your Divine Uniqueness”  Topic: Turning Your Sense of FAILURE into Chosen FULFILLMENT.  http://yourdivineuniqueness.com/





Listen to more 🙂  “ATHN7 – Q&A with Shefali and SEGMET® ” 

SEGMET – The Q & A IN JOY!    Awaken To Happiness Now Global Summit with my good friend Shefali Burns!    ENJOY <3 🙂 ______________________________________________


SEGMET® is A True ‘Master Magical Breather’ who Holds the Title being: 

“The Divine Shift®

YOU ARE THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH THAT MY MISSION SERVES – IN FULFILLED JOY, ABUNDANCE, LOVE, AND LIGHT.    Yes, You Are ! The Choice I made to Be All that I Am – Here and Now – Is the Most Rewarding Fulfilling and Joyous Choice I have Ever made.  It is Now one of my Greatest Wishes, for All people to know and Live a Journey In Fulfilment Joy and Abundance by their Own Choice. “Let Us All Be Bright Lights and SHINE ACROSS THE EARTH!” All Ways In Joy and Loving Service,                       



If You want to Experience SEGMET® – Live and In Person – Tune In for Her next Event: You will also receive an Mp3 Gift that will surely Help You on Your Sacred Life Journey.            



  • Daun Murphy March 17, 2019 at 12:30 PM

    I listened to you for the first time today on Darius Barazandeh’s You Wealth Revolution. Your essence is beautiful, precious and a gift to humanity. Thank you for all you are and for your offerings.

  • Sioux March 11, 2019 at 1:49 AM

    Just listened to your videos on YouTube. I love them all. I especially love ❤️ “I am a girl”. Thankyou beautiful one. Sending love & blessings. Sioux

  • Shirley Wilkinson November 22, 2018 at 1:19 PM

    Segmet you are a Joy ! hugs from Shirley

  • Pablo November 24, 2017 at 12:19 AM

    When I hear you speak, I KNOW YOU ARE the real being, the real deal no channeling props, just real and raw. I RECOGNIZE TRUTH WHEN I HEAR, FEEL AND SEE IT.
    Your voice, is a flowing cleansing river, fresh, motivating, soothing walk in the forest in joy and laughter. A reminder of the celestial splendor mastery, we are here on mother earth to realize again, In which you exemplify so well in action, with such simplicity in truth. Keep the wonderful heart felt service you render here to the people. I AM glad you are back on the world seen and beyond, Ancient Solar one! So I let it be said and acknowledged that the Real is here! I AM “sold”.
    Thank You for coming forth in this day.. Welcome again Segmet.

  • Inge Hartges December 29, 2014 at 9:30 PM

    Thank you for the session. Now I would like to breathe into the new beginnings package that
    I bought through Eram’s special offer. I have not received the new download link yet, looking
    forward to it.
    The happiest new year ever to all of us,

  • Sciencia Fleury December 29, 2014 at 2:59 PM

    Hi, I am Sciencia Fleury and I just heard you on Eram Saed. I find that your work is wonderful. Hopefully one of these days I will be able to speak you. I wish you a blessed, healthy and abundant new year.


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